Little Book of Where to Find It in the Bible

Author(s): Ken Anderson
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
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Have you ever tried to find a Scripture passage related to a specific topic? Maybe you wanted to know what the Bible says about ambition, crowds, fashion, fast food, or even procrastination. With over 3,700 different subjects, circumstances, and situations The Little Book of Where to Find It in the Bible is a pocket-sized index of quick discovery.

This Bible reference tool corresponds with most Bible translations including the NKJV, KJV, and NIV. Inside this travel-sized format, you’ll find:

A-Z listing of topics in a common-sense organizational format.
Over 3,700 different topics that directly connect contemporary issues, 21st-century topics, subjects, and circumstances to Bible passages.
The Little Book of Where to Find It in the Bible is great for:

brand-new Christians or decades-long believers.
traveling or as an on-the-go reference.
personal study, teaching, and sermon preparation.
birthdays, graduations, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, holiday gift giving, or as a welcome gift for new church members.
With this resource you will no longer wonder where the Bible references animal rights, communication, influence, xenophobia, denial, courage, and much more. This compact Scripture reference makes it possible to quickly find everything.


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