Dwell on These Things: A Thirty-One-Day Challenge to Talk to Yourself Like God Talks to You

Author(s): John Stange
Publisher:  Waterbrook Press
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Change your life by changing the messages that enter your mind! Learn to see yourself through God’s eyes by spending thirty-one days feeding your heart a new, biblical message of encouragement.

Countless messages enter our hearts and minds each day. Some of these messages are true and helpful. Others are hurtful, destructive, and out of line with the message God wants us to understand and embrace. What messages are you choosing to believe and repeat to yourself? When you first saw your reflection in the mirror this morning, what did your internal conversation sound like? Did you speak a message of hope to your heart or a diatribe of defeat?

What difference do you believe it could make if you spent the next thirty-one days dwelling on what God wants you to hear and what He has already told you in His Word? What if you focused on truths like:
* You are loved more deeply than you typically realize.
* Your trials can be an occasion for joy.
* Your mind can dwell on God’s kindness toward you.
* You can bear with the weaknesses, preferences, and maturity level of others.
* You can rely on God’s love.

Let this be your first step in a great journey toward insight, encouragement, and self-acceptance that is both biblical and beneficial!


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