Why You Should Vote in Our Weekly Poll (And How This Leads To More eBook Discounts)

Often times in an election, people say they don’t vote because their vote won’t make a difference. In our weekly Gospel eBooks poll, this is clearly not the case. One vote often is the difference between a deal becoming active (that wouldn’t have) or a different book winning. We’d like to show you a few recent examples to show you how much your vote truly matters as an encouragement for you to place your vote every Thursday in our new poll.

First, for those aren’t aware, every Thursday we have 12 books for you to choose from by six different publishers. As long as a poll receives 100 votes in a week’s time, the winning book of that poll gets discounted to $2.99 for 48 hours. If it doesn’t reach 100 votes, there is no discount from that publisher.

In these two examples, these two pairings were just shy of 100 votes. 8 extra people on the first one and just 5 extra people on the second one would have created a discount that didn’t happen because there weren’t enough votes. In fact, we had one book this year that received 99 votes. EVERY VOTE REALLY MATTERS!

On top of that, some receive over a 100 votes but many times just one or more votes would change which book gets discounted.

For these two polls, both of which took place within the last two months, only a few votes would have changed which book gets discounted. On the second example, one vote was the difference maker and two additional votes could have made a CS Lewis biography (Jack) get discounted instead.

So we wanted to highlight this to encourage you that your vote really does matter. Every Thursday we will post a brand new set of 6 pairings, and we wanted to ask if you would please make voting weekly on the poll a part of your regular routine. This will ensure this amazing program continues, which puts you in charge and gives you even more discounted e-books.

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