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Hey everyone, it’s Jeremy from Gospel eBooks.

I wanted to let you all know that I’ve just launched a second e-book deals site called E-Books For Men. We’ve already soft-launched on Twitter (daily deals have been happening for just over a month) and the full website launch is planned for this summer. If you’d like to be notified when that happens you can do so on this page.

The mission on the site is to provide alerts for free & discounted e-books so that men can read broadly without breaking the bank.

There are three things you should know about E-Books for Men. Let me tell you them in short form and then I’ll explain a little more of my reasoning after.

  1. It’s for men only. But I guess you got that from the name.
  2. It’s for broad reading, which means we won’t be posting exclusively Christian content.
  3. There is a ministry component to why I’m doing this.

There are two general philosophies towards how a website chooses which e-book deals to post. The first philosophy is akin to “book recommending,” which is where a person makes discernment calls for you and only recommends books they deem as safe or helpful. Lots of bloggers employ this philosophy and there is benefit in doing so (especially when your audience is less mature or discerning).

The second philosophy is not recommending but “informing.” This is simply telling your audience what’s available and leaving the discernment to the reader. In that case, you have the philosophy that all truth is God’s truth and even in a book with substantial error, benefit can usually be gleaned from it (eating the meat and spitting out the bones). You also recognize that not everyone reads for the same purposes. Some people need to read broadly for school or research purposes and others like hearing from opposing views in their own words.  This second philosophy is the one that we operate under.

So, E-Books for Men will be posting general market books, including ones I personally disagree with (some even substantially). I read many of these books myself and have benefitted from them. I use my own discernment and take the truth within them while rejecting the errors according to my biblically informed worldview. If you choose to follow the site, I hope you too will do the same.

This brings me to the ministry component. Gospel eBooks is a website for Christians by a Christian. However, I also want to reach out and have an influence to non-Christians as well. I know there are many great Christian books out there that non-Christian guys might be interested in. Through the influence of men like Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder and others, men at this particular time are thinking and talking about religion a lot more lately. Recognizing this opportunity, I want to step into that sphere as a Christian, and help introduce these men pursuing knowledge to good Christian books.

If you’re a man who is interested in reading broadly give us a follow on Twitter and/or sign up to be notified when the site launches.

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