seeking-refugeAuthor(s): Stephan Bauman, Matthew Soerens, Dr. Issam Smeir
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Price: $1.99       (Sept 24-Oct 3)
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What will rule our hearts: fear or compassion?

We can’t ignore the refugee crisis—arguably the greatest geo-political issue of our time—but how do we even begin to respond to something so massive and complex?

In Seeking Refuge, three experts from World Relief, a global organization serving refugees, offer a practical, well-rounded, well-researched guide to the issue.

Who are refugees and other displaced peoples?
What are the real risks and benefits of receiving them?
How do we balance compassion and security?
Drawing from history, public policy, psychology, many personal stories, and their own unique Christian worldview, the authors offer a nuanced and compelling portrayal of the plight of refugees and the extraordinary opportunity we have to love our neighbors as ourselves.

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Sept 24-26

Sept 24-26

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Sept 24-26

The ShiftAuthor(s): MaryAnne Connor
Publisher: Shift Publishing
Price: $0.99       (Ends Sept 27)
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A memoir of overcoming pain, fear and doubt, and allowing faith to lead the way to a miraculous life.

You can only resist God’s call for so long. Ask Moses, ask Paul… ask MaryAnne Connor.

As the owner of a successful real estate marketing firm, MaryAnne Connor, appeared to have it all. A happy marriage, the respect of her peers and a thriving career. But denial was her stronghold, and her enemy. She suffered from chronic pain, a dependency on pain medication and her marriage was failing.

And then there were God’s whispers. They were getting louder. He wanted her to shift to a life of helping others. But how could He use her when she was so broken?

After years of resistance, she surrendered to His call, left everything behind and stepped onto the darkest streets of her city. There she found a kinship with other broken-hearted souls and the burning desire to help the poor and hungry. And so the genesis of NightShift Street Ministries began, along with an incredible series of miracles to conquer every obstacle put in her path.

Purchase The Shift today, walk in MaryAnne’s footsteps and take a remarkable journey to a place of love, hope & purpose.

Til He ComeAuthor(s): Charles Spurgeon
Publisher: GLH Publishing
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For many years, whether at home or abroad, it was Mr. Spurgeon’s constant custom to observe the ordinance of the Lord’s supper every Sabbath-day, unless illness prevented. This he believed to be in accordance with apostolic precedent; and it was his oft-repeated testimony that the more frequently he obeyed his Lord’s command, “This do in remembrance of Me,” the more precious did his Saviour become to him, while the memorial celebration itself proved increasingly helpful and instructive as the years rolled by.

Several of the discourses here published were delivered to thousands of communicants in the Metropolitan Tabernacle, while others were addressed to the little companies of Christians,—of different denominations, and of various nationalities,—who gathered around the communion table in Mr. Spurgeon’s sitting-room at Mentone. The addresses cover a wide range of subjects; but all of them speak more or less fully of the great atoning sacrifice of which the broken bread and the filled cup are the simple yet significant symbols. Spurgeon had intended to publish a selection of his Communion Addresses; so this volume may be regarded as another of the precious literary legacies bequeathed by him to his brethren and sisters in Christ who have yet to tarry a while here below. It is hoped that these sermonettes will be the means of deepening the spiritual life of many believers, and that they will suggest suitable themes for meditation and discourse to those who have the privilege and responsibility of presiding at the ordinance.

Your Best Happily Ever After: Loving God's Beautiful Story for Your LifeAuthor(s): Ginger Kolbaba
Publisher: Shiloh Run Press
Price: $1.99       (Ends Sept 27)
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Cinderella. Snow White. Sleeping Beauty. Rapunzel. These beloved stories all conclude with, “. . .and they lived happily ever after.” We sigh, smile, and know there’s an amazing story of love, adventure, and redemption coming.
We all yearn for a fairy tale life, but too often our existence feels less like the pages of a storybook and more like a bad reality TV show. From poisoned apples (sin) and Ugly Stepsisters (joy-stealers) to magic mirrors (real beauty is more than skin-deep) and glass slippers (God’s perfect calling for us), the truth is that as daughters of God, we can live the perfect story the Author has written for our lives—we can experience the happily ever after that He has penned for us, now, regardless of our circumstances!
Writer, speaker, and surrogate fairy godmother Ginger Kolbaba offers encouragement, challenges, biblical insights, and a little humor on how God wants us to live and love our stories in the here and now.

Jesus Culture: Calling a Generation to RevivalAuthor(s): Banning Liebscher
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
Price: $1.99       (Ends Sept 25)
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You Were Created For This Moment in History!

A new breed of revivalist is arising to answer the cry of God’s heart. These burning ones are calling cities and nations back to the Lord, and challenging societies to be transformed by the power and love of God. This is your call and mandate!

It’s one thing to be counter-cultural and go against the flow of culture. But God calls us to an even greater way of living by making Jesus the model for everything we do. Join this movement and…
Unlock the blessing of honoring those who have gone before you
Experience a powerful prayer-life marked by boldness, confidence and expectancy
Activate the supernatural power of God through healing, signs, wonders, and the prophetic
Banning Liebscher, founder of the Jesus Culture movement, believes that you were positioned at this time in history for this moment. Discover the blueprint to fulfilling your purpose, living an extraordinary life, and changing the world— starting wherever God has placed you today! Jesus is calling you to become rooted in a culture of revival!

You Make the Call: Choices That Make or Break UsAuthor(s): Dr. Ralph Carter
Publisher: Ambassador International
Price: $0.99       (Ends Sept 25)
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Flip open the restaurant menu, walk down the cereal aisle, or turn on the TV and it’s bound to happen: we are inundated with options. Through the course of your life, you’re going to get weary of making so many choices. Thankfully, choosing what dish to order, deciding which cereal to buy, or selecting a television show to watch won’t make a big difference. But some decisions—many in fact—matter a great deal. Life is all about the choices we make. Make good ones and you do yourself a huge favor. Make crummy ones and, well, you’ve got problems. Bad choices result in a life of more than your fair share of bad days. This book won’t tell you what to do, but it just might keep you from making a terrible mistake in life that would derail your pursuit of happiness. The person you decide to marry, the career you pursue, even the friendships you choose to invest in—these are some of life’s biggest decisions, yet many are made far too casually. Dr. Ralph Carter has spent decades trying to point people in a direction that would enable them to live life well—to make fewer mistakes—to live life, as the writer of Proverbs puts it, “skillfully.” The key to living such a life is to make good choices. It’s not rocket science, nor is it dumb luck. So are you going to start choosing well? You make the call.