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Hey everyone, it’s Jeremy from Gospel eBooks. I’m writing a brief note to ask for your participation in our voted discounts. This is completely exclusive to our site where we give YOU the opportunity to choose which e-books go on sale. This not only gives you a choice, but creates brand new discounts that wouldn’t have taken place otherwise. This is a feature we’d love to keep and grow (more publishers…more books) but in order to keep it going we need your support in the form of voting (and/or sharing the polls). In the past we’ve had low engagement on some of our unique features (like our Hangout with an Author). This led to them and the corresponding giveaways that we had with every hangout being discontinued. In the past few weeks we’ve had a similar problem with numerous polls not reaching their 100 vote threshold to be activated. So I’m asking that if you’d like us to keep adding more discounts and giving you a choice, would you please commit to voting on the new poll every Monday?

This weeks poll ends TONIGHT and as of this moment one deal still needs activation. Tomorrow there will be a brand new poll as well. Thank you!

You can vote below:

[socialpoll id=”2158004″ type=”set”]

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