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  • Christmas in Idaho: Illustrated Christmas Gift Book by Ray Downing
  • You Can Hear the Voice of God Through All Your Spiritual Senses

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Get Re-tweeted By Us

Did you know that every evening we re-tweet someone who shares our deals? We’d love to re-tweet yours next to highlight a book that impacted you or that your excited to read. The reason we do this is to give our readers the ability to recommenced books to our audience as a suggestion of what to buy.

As long as you do one of the following we’ll see it:

  • link to a deal on our website
  • link to one of our tweets
  • link directly to Amazon using the exact link you found on our site
  • tag us @gospelebooks

Here are a few examples of tweets we re-tweeted:

In making our selections we favor re-tweeting a personal message like “This is such a great book. I read this in seminary and it really helped me understand X more clearly.” as opposed to just the name of the book with no extra info. So whenever you are excited about a sale or a specific book post it on Twitter with your own thoughts and we’ll highlight one of your tweets every evening (Mon-Sat).

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