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Islam and the Bible: Why Two Faiths Collide Author(s): David Goldmann
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Price: $3.99       Buy Now!

There are three to four million Muslims living in North America, and that number continues to grow. Practically speaking, it is imperative that Christians know what Muslims believe, so as to better understand how to share the Gospel effectively. David Goldmann offers that practical side in a reader-friendly, non-technical way, complete with a glossary of Islamic terms. Written with a heart for missions, Islam and the Bible will strengthen readers’ confidence in sharing their faith, as well as build necessary bridges to Muslim friends and neighbors. Here is a helpful book on Islam, written by a man who knows what he is talking about! David has had a fruitful ministry among Muslims, with many opportunities to apply this knowledge. I promise you will benefit. – Dr. Erwin Lutzer, The Moody Church, Chicago

Our Accountability to God (Gleanings Series Arthur Pink)Our Accountability to God (Gleanings Series Arthur Pink)
Author(s): Arthur W. Pink
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

To appreciate the amazing grace of God, we must understand all that we have been forgiven. Bible scholar, Arthur Pink, helps us see our true condition, driving home the truth of the Gospel. Readers will develop a more personal appreciation for God’s grace and a deeper reverence for His boundless love.

The Nature of God (Gleanings Series Arthur Pink)The Nature of God (Gleanings Series Arthur Pink)
Author(s): Arthur W. Pink
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

He is just-yet merciful. He is above all-yet He sent His Son to die for us. Arthur W. Pink’s classic meditation on God’s personality and power has inspired readers for generations. He leads readers through reflections on 45 facets of God’s personality. Ideal for personal reflection and daily Bible study, this book will help readers develop a deeper, richer love for the One who calls us His own.

Sinners in the Hands of a Good God: Reconciling Divine Judgment and MercyAuthor(s): David Clotfelter
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

Are heaven and hell real? How does God’s election correspond to our freedom? Why did Jesus have to die? Why doesn’t God save everybody? These are questions most believers and seekers have asked, and they are biblically answered by author David Clotfelter. Contrasting the theologies of Jonathan Edwards with George MacDonald, the author reconciles the difficult doctrines of divine judgement and predestination. Sure to be thought-and discussion-provoking message.

A Perfect Pet for PeytonAuthor(s): Gary Chapman & Rick Osborne
Publisher: Northfield Publishing (an imprint of Moody)
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

Gary Chapman and Rick Osborne help children learn about the importance of love in this wonderfully imaginative and classically illustrated children’s hardcover book featuring four-color illustrations (with hidden details!) by Wilson Williams, Jr., and based on Gary’s bestselling The 5 Love Languages. Each child in this entertaining and playful story learns that they have a primary love language that when “spoken” by others, makes them feel loved. (more…)

Hangout with an Author

Gospel eBooks is excited to announce our 5th on-air Google+ Hangout. Next week on Tuesday August 6th, we’d like to invite you to a live interactive video chat with author Jeff Goins. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from Jeff, ask him your questions and there will be lots of giveaways including one big prize during the Hangout! [RSVP HERE]


Jeff is a blogger, speaker and author. His blog, GoinsWriter.com, is one of the fastest-growing blogs on the web and a well-respected resource for bloggers and writers. He is the author of You Are A Writer, Wrecked and The In-Between. He lives just outside of Nashville, TN  with his wife, Ashely and their son and dog. During the day, he’s the Communications Director for Adventures in Missions, a nonprofit organization.

WHAT WILL WE BE DISCUSSING? His latest book which releases on Aug 1, “The In-Between: Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing“. You can watch the book trailer below and read some of his endorsements as well.

In the past few years I’ve had the honor of watching Jeff Goins transition from a writer into a thought leader and one of the most exciting next generation voices. In this book, you’ll see why and perhaps even more importantly how he did it.
Jon Acuff, New York Times Bestselling author of Start

I’m not good at waiting. I’m a traveler, I’m trying to get somewhere, and the “waiting” gets in my way. Then my friend Jeff emails me his new book, The In-Between. I began reading it on a flight in-between Tennessee and Texas, in-between one concert and the next, in-between busy and busier.  Jeff has inspired me to see the value in what takes place in my life not only at point A and point B, but in the space where there doesn’t seem to be a point.  Jeff Goins wrote this book for me, and for anyone else who needs to embrace the waiting and exist in the in-between.
Warren Barfield, singer, songwriter, speaker

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PLANNING TO JOIN US? Please RSVP (click “JOIN”) and then invite your friends through the official Facebook event page. That’s where we’ll chat during the Hangout and the giveaways will happen.

LIVE HANGOUT GIVEAWAY: During the Hangout you’ll get the opportunity to ask Jeff your questions (we’ll take quite a few). For every question we pose to Jeff, the person who asked it will receive a free Kindle copy of “The In-Between”. For the grand prize, Jeff is going to give away a brand new KINDLE FIRE. Details on how to win the Kindle will be revealed on the Hangout.

PRE-HANGOUT GIVEAWAY: To celebrate this event we’re launching a giveaway which starts today and will end when the Hangout begins. The grand prize will be a $50 Amazon.com Gift Card andIn-Between” bonus goodies (e-book, audiobook & reader’s guide for “The In-Between”, Membership to exclusive online community, Jeff’s 30-minute writing workshop & a Wrecked e-book). There will also be four additional winners who will receive the same “In-Between” goodies.

You can enter the giveaway via PunchTab below. If you’d like to better your odds there are social actions you can take to receive additional entries.

The Glory Of ChristAuthor(s): John Owen
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Price: $0.99       Buy Now!

The Glory of Christ is a book designed to declare part of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is revealed in the Scripture and proposed as the central object of our faith, love, delight, and admiration. The knowledge of Christ and His glory, John Owen says, is to be preferred above all other wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. Why is it to be preferred? Why should we become engaged in a study of the glory of Christ? (more…)

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