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Author(s): Jeannie Cunnion
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Price: $1.89       Buy Now!

“Prepare to be blown away by what the Holy Spirit can do in and through you! If you want to experience all of God, don’t miss out on this book!”–PAULA FARIS, author of Called Out

“A must-read for anyone who feels a bit alone, not enough, unable, and not up to the task at hand.”–ALYSSA BETHKE, author of Spoken For

30 Incredible Benefits of the Holy Spirit’s Presence in Your Life.

Have I settled for less than everything God has for me?

As a lifelong follower of Jesus, Jeannie Cunnion wrestled with this question and was surprised to realize that she’d been missing out on living in the power of the Holy Spirit! Discovering the significance of the Spirit’s work in her life lit a fire in Jeannie’s soul–and became the message she tucked into these pages for you.


Author(s): Rachelle Starr
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Price: $1.89       Buy Now!

Rachelle Starr started going to strip clubs when she was twenty-three to share the love of Jesus with the women working there. Founder of a Christian ministry to the adult entertainment industry, Rachelle demonstrates the key to bringing Christ into dark places–loving people one at a time.

You want to do things for God, but maybe you’re afraid or unsure where to start. This book will light a fire in your soul to live the kind of Christian life that’s more than Instagram likes. Readers will be fueled by testimonies of God’s work, gain new empathy for those God has placed in their lives, be emboldened by confidence in God’s faithfulness, learn to discern and recognize where God is calling them, and be unleashed as salt and light in a dark and corrupted world.

Find that you have what it takes to say yes to God, and be fearlessly and outrageously obedient to the Lord.


Author(s): Amanda Dykes
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

When all of Venice is unmasked, one man’s identity remains a mystery . . .

When a baby is discovered floating in a basket along the quiet canals of Venice, a guild of artisans takes him in and raises him as a son, skilled in each of their trades. Although the boy, Sebastien Trovato, has wrestled with questions of his origins, it isn’t until a woman washes ashore on his lagoon island that answers begin to emerge. In hunting down his story, Sebastien must make a choice that could alter not just his own future, but also that of the beloved floating city.

Daniel Goodman is given a fresh start in life as the century turns. Hoping to redeem a past laden with regrets, he is sent on an assignment from California to Venice to procure and translate a rare book. There, he discovers a city of colliding hope and decay, much like his own life, and a mystery wrapped in the pages of that filigree-covered volume. With the help of Vittoria, a bookshop keeper, Daniel finds himself in a web of shadows, secrets, and discoveries carefully kept within the stones and canals of the ancient city . . . and in the mystery of the man whose story the book does not finish: Sebastien Trovato.


Author(s): Rachel Hauck
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Price: $2.99       (Ends May 12)
Buy Now!

Twenty years ago, the summer of ’77 was supposed to be the best summer of Summer Wilde’s life. She and her best friends, Spring, Autumn, and Snow–the Four Seasons–had big plans.

But those plans never had a chance. After a teenage prank gone awry, the Seasons found themselves on a bus to Tumbleweed, “Nowhere,” Oklahoma, to spend eight weeks as camp counselors. All four of them arrived with hidden secrets and buried fears, and the events that unfolded in those two months forever altered their friendships, their lives, and their futures.

Now, thirtysomething, Summer is at a crossroads. When her latest girl band leaves her in a motel outside Tulsa, she is forced to face the shadows of her past. Returning to the place where everything changed, she soon learns Tumbleweed is more than a town she never wanted to see again. It’s a place for healing, for reconciling the past with the present, and for finally listening to love’s voice.


Author(s): Benjamin Windle
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Price: $3.99       (Ends April 28)
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“No cliches. No hype. No psychobabble. Just a breathtakingly honest and fresh perspective on an ancient and life-changing truth.”–DRS. LES & LESLIE PARROTT, #1 New York Times bestselling authors

Unlock the Force of Hope in Life’s Hardest Fights.

Good Catastrophe is your blueprint for finding your way out of pain. It is an atypical, no holds barred message of redemptive hope that will breathe new sunshine into your soul.

We need to rebrand hope. The era of everything in our lives fitting neatly in a box is done. That world is over. We need hope—but we need a hope that is robust enough to speak to real life.

Imagine the tide turning on your greatest challenges and problems. In a gritty and unique take on the story of Job, Benjamin Windle shows that flourishing does not come from a life devoid of loneliness, trauma, and anxiety. It’s one lived with hope engineered for adversity.


Author(s): Nancy Mehl
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Price: $2.99       (April 22-28)
Buy Now!

“Guaranteed to captivate with plot twists you won’t see coming.”–Tosca Lee, New York Times bestselling author

“This story is sure to leave you breathless from the thrill of the ride. Hold on tight, it’s about to get exhilarating!”–Lynette Eason, bestselling and award-winning author of the Extreme Measures series

“Cold Pursuit sucked me in from the first riveting page and pulled me deeper into an intricate, danger-filled plot.”–Elizabeth Goddard, bestselling author of Cold Light of Day


Author(s): Jared Brock
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Price: $3.99       (April 22-28)
Buy Now!

The Life of Jesus Like You’ve Never Imagined

Jesus asked His disciples, “Who do you say I am?” It’s a question that still needs an answer today. With deft, insightful, and humorous strokes, award-winning biographer Jared Brock weaves archaeology, philosophy, history, and theology to create a portrait of Jesus we’ve never seen before.

This is a groundbreaking biography about the historical Jesus we don’t usually think about: The child refugee. The “carpenter” who most likely worked with stone. The adult who walked at least 21,525 miles in His lifetime and yet never tasted tomatoes or potatoes. The itinerant rabbi whose real name wasn’t Jesus. The political revolutionary whose brutal murder was secretly masterminded by a power-hungry mafia family.

More than a fascinating biography, A God Named Josh seeks to illuminate Jesus of Nazareth from new perspectives, grounded in history, that will surprise Christians and atheists alike.


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