Gospel eBooks Street Team

We hope you’ve been enjoying all the free & discount e-books that we share with you daily. We enjoy doing this as a service to you.

If you’re excited about your ever-expanding library that you’ve built for little to no money, we have a way for you to show others how they can do it too.


A street team is group of people who ‘hit the streets’ to let the public know about something awesome. We’re looking for people like you, to spread the word about Gospel eBooks. We have posters and business cards that we’d like to mail you for FREE so that you can get the word out about these amazing e-book deals.

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Here are a few ways that you can use these materials:

Posters are great for putting up on bulletin boards. Consider putting one up at 1) your home church 2) churches you visit 3) bible college/seminary where you study 3) local libraries 4) your workplace 5) conferences.

Gospel eBooks Street Team Promo MaterialsGospel eBooks Poster on a Bulletin Board

Cards are great for handing out to people to let them know about the website. Give them to friends, family, co-workers, classmates and any person you know who reads (or needs to be reading) Kindle books. Consider leaving a stack of cards at information booths or other designated areas for promotional materials. If you give someone a Kindle for a gift, make sure to include a card.

Looking to join the street team? Just fill out this form and we’ll mail out your requested materials. A very special thanks to you if you do (seriously).

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