Your HeartSong Journey: Discovering and Living Your Inspired Dream and God-Designed Purpose

Author(s): Gail Armatys
Publisher: N/A
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What if you lived believing you’re good enough and loved no matter what? Free to live the life you deep down crave? Created with a dream and a purpose meant to be lived?

On this path of life, it’s good to know someone is there to encourage you, someone who’s struggled with similar roadblocks and questions, someone who can guide you to the truth and hidden answers of your own. As you travel through Your HeartSong Journey, Gail Armatys walks with you to help you:

  • Embrace your true identity and worth,
  • Overcome obstacles that keep you stuck, distracted and discouraged; feeling empty and like you’re meant for more,
  • Know and live your inspired dream and God-designed purpose (your HeartSong) with confidence and direction.

Page after page Gail nudges you to reflect, pray, and respond to her challenges. Whether it’s her stories, thought-provoking questions or scripture that inspire you most, you’ll soon realize you’re growing personally and spiritually as you draw near to Christ and he reveals the life meant just for you.

If you:

  • Are tired of trying to be someone you’re not,
  • Want to break through fear, doubt, and insecurity, feel confused, trapped, and exhausted,
  • Crave an energized life with more meaning and purpose,
  • Are ready to enjoy more peace, passion, and hope.


Your HeartSong Journey is the road you’re meant to travel.
It’s the best expression of Christ’s love.
It’s the new life you crave.
It’s the song God has written on your heart.
Why wait any longer to live your HeartSong?


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