Coming Home to Holiness: Embracing the Life You Were Meant to Live

Author(s): Shawn McMullen
Publisher: N/A
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We were made for it.

It’s our heart’s deepest longing and our true spiritual home.

We were made for holiness at birth, created in the image of a holy God. And when we came to Christ, we were equipped for it in a special way. Our “new self” is “created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness” (Ephesians 4:24).

But holy living doesn’t happen automatically. It requires effort. That’s why some sincere Christians still feel incomplete spiritually. They have yet to discover and follow the path that leads them home, where they identify with their Creator and share in his holiness.

Coming Home to Holiness is about three things: (1) First, it’s about a holy God. A God who is perfectly pure and sinless, who always does what is right and good. (2) Second, it’s about God’s plan to display his holiness in his creation. He calls us to identify with him in his holiness and he promises to bless us as we do. (3) Third, it’s about the path God laid out to lead us to holiness, a path paved by spiritual disciplines. As we practice the disciplines, we do what God asks us to do and then God does what only he can do to lead us to holiness.

If you’ve ever felt there was something missing in your relationship with God, if you’ve ever longed for a deeper walk with the Lord, Coming Home to Holiness is for you.

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