Finding Forgiveness: Discovering the Healing Power of the Gospel

Author(s): Stanley Gale
Publisher:  Reformation Heritage Books
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If you are a Christian, you have personally experienced the joy of sins forgiven and reconciliation with God. Forgiveness, writes Stanley Gale, “is a divine accomplishment to be savored and offered to others.” Forgiveness is the most basic of Christian graces, yet the topic raises many questions, including these:

Is it biblical to “forgive and forget”?
Why do we need to confess our sins if they are already forgiven?
How do we actually go about forgiving someone?
Does the Bible give a place to forgiving ourselves?
What does life look like after forgiveness?

In ‘Finding Forgiveness’, you will discover practical answers to these questions and many others. With pastoral warmth, the author will help you see how the awe of the gospel dawns anew for those who apply forgiveness and experience the healing of a burdened spirit or broken relationship.

Table of Contents:
1. Forgiveness and the Gospel
2. Forgiveness as Kingdom Currency
3. Practicing Forgiveness
4. Authentic Forgiveness
What About Forgiving Ourselves?

Stanley D. Gale (MEd, MDiv, DMin) has served Christ and congregation as a pastor for thirty years. He has authored books on prayer, spiritual warfare, the Christian life, evangelism, and biblical worldview (Ecclesiastes). His ministry website is www.CHOPministry.net.

“Stan Gale’s ‘Finding Forgiveness’ is beautifully written, eminently practical, richly biblical, and emotionally uplifting. It provides godly guidance and spiritual nurture for weary pastors, hurting believers, caring counselors, and troubled counselees. Here you’ll find grace in your struggle to forgive and be forgiven.” — Peter Lillback, president and professor of historical theology and church history at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia

“Forgiveness is both a theological and a personal issue. We all have a sense of what it means to be forgiven and to forgive. But do we truly understand it? Finding forgiveness is an eternal matter! Stan Gale answers all those nagging, ‘yeah, but’ questions that are on so many minds when it comes to forgiveness. In doing so, he teaches a biblically rich understanding of forgiveness with pastoral care. This little book will prove to be time well spent for every reader.” — Aimee Byrd, author of Theological Fitness and No Little Women


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