Christ-Centered Conflict Resolution: A Guide For Turbulent Times

Author(s):  Tony Merida
Publisher: B&H Books
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Have you ever noticed that conflict is absolutely everywhere? Though we all want harmony in our relationships and our world, peace seems so hard to come by. Maybe for you, conflict looks like the latest culture war that relentlessly screams at you to pick a side, and you’re tired of all the fighting. Or perhaps it takes another shape, like a hot-tempered spouse, rebellious child, passive-aggressive friend, difficult church member, withdrawn roommate, or angry social media comment. No matter its form, conflict always finds us. And often, we let it overtake us.

In this short, biblical, and practical book, pastor and author Tony Merida shows us that it doesn’t have to be this way. Merida not only paints a stunning picture of Christ our Peacemaker, he also shows us how to stop wishing for peace and go make it. In these pages, Tony will help you:

Discover where conflict comes from
Realize conflicts don’t have to define you, scare you, or undo you
Stop allowing your relationships to simmer in a place of division, anger, or strife
Understand the pattern and power of Christ as the ultimate Peacemaker
Tap into the Spirit’s supernatural ability to change you in the midst of your conflicts
Learn how to overcome evil with good
Anticipate conflicts and resolve them in biblical, Christ-centered ways

Stop waiting for peace to “hopefully” come to your doorstep. Instead, in the power and strength God provides, become a person who can make the peace you so deeply desire, and watch your relationships transform.


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