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Think It Not Strange

Think It Not Strange

Author(s): John Piper & David Mathis Publisher: Desiring God Price: $2.99 Buy Now! For 350 years, the church on American soil has enjoyed relatively little affliction for her fidelity to the Scriptures. This nation, though, is an anomaly in church history. And those days seem to be passing, more quickly than many … more »      

Fifty Shades of Grace: Devotions Celebrating God's Unlimited Gift

Fifty Shades of Grace

Author(s): N/A Publisher: Freeman-Smith (A division of Simon & Schuster) Price: $2.99 Buy Now! Fifty daily devotions for women to experience God’s grace. Each day contains a thoughtful devotional on a particular “shade” or style of God’s grace as well as quotes, scriptures, and a prayer that will draw … more »      

Unapologetically Being Me

Unapologetically Being Me

Author(s): Tyra Rowell Publisher: N/A Price: $0.99 Buy Now! Have you ever been easily misunderstood and heavily judged by people who do not know what is in your heart? Criticism can be brutal at times, but there is one thing you are not and that is defeated! You were never created to be … more »


Experiencing the Holy Spirit

Experiencing the Holy Spirit

Author(s): Andrew Murray Publisher: Xaris Press Price: $2.99 Buy Now! There are plenty of insights to get your spiritual fire burning in this book, as Murray reveals the Holy Spirit and makes it come alive! Along with the Bible and an open heart, this book can do much to change how we view what it means to be filled … more »      

Walking With God (Vintage Puritan) Kindle Edition by Richard Baxter (Author)

Walking With God (Vintage Puritan)

Author(s): Richard Baxter Publisher: GLH Publishing Price: $3.99 Buy Now! The Puritan Richard Baxter is most well known for his book 'The Reformed Pastor' but his book 'Walking With God' not only shows what it means to walk with God, to be in communion with Him and to love him above every other being but the advantages … more »      

The Main Thing: Those At The Top Must Help Those At The Bottom

The Main Thing

Author(s): Rick Tidwell Publisher: N/A Price: $3.99 Buy Now! Something was missing. I was a successful minister and founding pastor of a church that grew from zero to three hundred and it wasn’t enough. I was a successful businessman earning a six-figure income with a bright future and … more »


Confessions of a Depressed Christian: How a Pastor Survived Depression & How You Can Too

Confessions of a Depressed Christian

Author(s): Jason R. McNaughten Publisher: N/A Price: $0.99 Buy Now! Is it possible for a Christian to be depressed? What does the Bible say about depression? In Confessions of a Depressed Christian, Jason gives an honest account of his own struggle of depression. His story provides biblical … more »


New Testament Challenge: A Structured Study of the Entire New Testament in 10 Weeks

New Testament Challenge

Author(s): Chuck Orr II Publisher: N/A Price: $2.99 Buy Now! This combination reading plan and study guide challenges you to read the entire New Testament of the Bible in 10 weeks. You even get one day off per week! You will also be equipped to produce your own commentary on the text as you … more »


Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown's Commentary on the Whole Bible

Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown’s Commentary

Author(s): A. R. Fausset, David Brown, Robert Jamieson Publisher: GLH Publishing Price: $2.99 Buy Now! Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown’s Commentary of the Bible has stood the test of time and remains the preeminent evangelical expository commentary of the Scriptures. It provides verse-by-verse exposition of most … more »      

The Great Deception: A Christian End Times Novel (Perilous Times Book 2)

The Great Deception

Author(s): Cliff Ball Publisher: N/A Price: $2.99 Buy Now! The Great Deception is the second novel in the Christian end times series, Perilous Times. The novel is about the first three and a half years of the Tribulation. The person who becomes the new leader of the world reorganizes the … more »




Author(s): John Owen Publisher: GLH Publishing Price: $2.99 Buy Now! Thomas Chalmers wrote that Owen's book on Spiritual-Mindedness holds 'a distinguished rank among the voluminous writings of this celebrated author'. For him three features made it very special: -The force with which it applies truth to the … more »      

B&H Kids E-Book Sale

B&H Kids Sale

Devotions Off the Map Author(s): N/A Publisher: B&H Publishing Price: $3.99 Buy Now! 365 Devotions for Girls Author(s): N/A Publisher: B&H Publishing Price: $2.99 … more »