Once a poll reaches 100 votes the deal will activate. If there are less than 100 votes
in a particular poll, the winning book will not be discounted.

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Gospel e-books is working together with Christian publishers to allow you to choose what e-books you’d like to have discounted. Cast your vote below and the book with the most votes in each poll will be placed on sale soon after. If there are less than 100 total votes in a particular poll, the winning book will not be discounted.

Book details:

New Leaf: Bible Code Bombshell by R. Edwin Sherman vs. How Do We Know the Bible is True? Vol 1 by Ken Ham & Bodie Hodge

Barbour: Confessions of Saint Augustine (Faith Classics) by Saint Augustine vs. The Imitation of Christ (Faith Classics) by Thomas A Kempis

Christian Focus: Curing the Heart: A Model for Biblical Counselling by William Hines & Howard Eyrich (vs.) Iron Sharpens Iron by Orlando Saer

Lexham Press: Between the Cross and the Throne: The Book of Revelation by Matthew Y. Emerson (vs.) God Behind the Scenes: The Book of Esther by Wayne K. Barkhuizen

Crossway: Imagination Redeemed: Glorifying God with a Neglected Part of Your Mind by Gene Edward Veith Jr. & Matthew P. Ristuccia (vs.) Rescuing Ambition by Dave Harvey

Last week's winners:
The Inerrant Word: Biblical, Historical, Theological, and Pastoral Perspectives (Crossway) I Am Ruth: A Story of Loss, Love & Redemption (New Leaf) Where God Leads, I Will Follow: 90 Inspirational Readings for Women (Barbour) The Glory of Christ (Christian Focus) Faith Amid the Ruins: The Book of Habakkuk (Lexham Press)

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