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Whatever Happened to the Power of God? & It's Time to Rock the BoatAuthor(s): Michael Brown
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
Price: $0.99       (Ends Mar 18)
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Together for the first time in a single volume, two of Dr. Michael L. Brown’s groundbreaking works are ready to challenge a new generation of Christians to combat the status quo of a compromised church and a godless society.
Have you ever wondered why you rarely-if ever-see the kinds of miracles today that were so common in the Bible? Whatever Happened to the Power of God? explores why so few of the seriously ill are healed, why apparent encounters with God’s supernatural power so rarely change lives, and why spiritual warfare seems to have little effect on society. This book asks the questions you have always wanted to ask and confronts you with answers that will change your life. Find out what’s holding back the power of God!

—– In It’s Time to Rock the Boat, Dr. Brown reveals the biblical pattern for changing society through preaching a confrontational gospel. The Old Testament prophets, New Testament apostles, John the Baptist, and Jesus the Messiah Himself were not content to let society be dragged down by its sinful and destructive elements-they took a stand against an onslaught of degradation and made waves that rocked the world! God is calling each of us to be part of that world-shaking movement. It’s time!

Ministering Graciously to the Gay and Lesbian CommunityAuthor(s): Brian Williams
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
Price: FREE       (Ends Mar 15)
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Controversy erupted when some churches chose to appoint openly gay pastors. Now questions are arising as to whether or not the body of Christ should recognize a “gay church.” Scripture is quite clear on the matter of homosexuality. But how should someone minister to those in the gay and lesbian lifestyles? Williams supports the mantra of “love the sinner, yet detest the sin.” Realize that a compassionate approach always means confronting the sin for what it is. To preach the Gospel of pure love, we must shun any deception that puts people in bondage.

The Shifting Romance with IsraelAuthor(s): Ray Gannon
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
Price: FREE       (Ends Mar 4)
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Linking Pentecostals and Jews.

An intellectual discussion about the fraternal twin movements: Zionism and American Pentecostalism.

Everyone interested in Israel and its relationships with religious groups in the United States will be enthralled with this thoroughly researched and thoughtfully presented examination of two world-changing movements.

Shifting Romance with Israel is an intellectual discussion about the fraternal twin movements: Zionism and American Pentecostalism, birthed at the beginning of the 20th century. Both newborns, initially treated as weak and infantile in a religiously hostile world, had a basis of ideological support in three centuries of American myth and motif. (more…)

The Insanity of BeliefAuthor(s): Max Davis
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
Price: $0.99       Buy Now!

How Science and the Supernatural Changed My Life

“One day one of my professors asked me if it was true that I was a Bible-believing Christian. When I answered yes, his polite, upbeat attitude instantly turned rude and arrogant. In front of my peers, he insulted my intelligence, belittled my faith, and discredited the Bible. To him there was absolutely no doubt that science and academia had shown the pure ‘insanity of such belief,’” writes author Max Davis.

Written from his journalistic point of view, The Insanity of Unbelief is a result of the author’s 30-year walk from childlike belief, to skepticism, and finally deep, secure faith. The contents are based on his expert and thorough research of solid facts versus what many atheists, agnostics, and even some believers tout.

Different from other apologetic books is the addition of true, documented, supernatural experiences and miracles making a compelling—and exciting—argument for the reality and power of God!

Pain The Divine Mystery Why God Allows SufferingAuthor(s): Elmer Towns
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
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Discover the Divine Purpose for Your Pain

Pain is an enigma—a haunting reality—we all face. Whether the pain you are experiencing is chronic or the result of a new injury or illness, you have no doubt asked the Lord, Why? Why must I suffer? Why must the pain be so intense or so never-ending? Elmer Towns confronted similar questions as he withstood the debilitating effects of cancer treatment. As he sought to find something precious in the enduring, Towns realized that pain can draw the mature believer into closer intimacy with God.

Pain: The Divine Mystery will help you look at your own suffering through the eyes of the Master Sculptor—He who has the highest purpose in place for your life. You will be challenged to examine your deepest fears, to discover God’s part in your healing, and to pursue better overall health in the process. You will find, as Towns did, that even pain can be endured when you have a purpose to live through it. As you seek to understand the “why” behind your own suffering, God will reveal much more than you can imagine: He will reveal Himself.

Elves of Zeoch The Last TwoAuthor(s): Kaden Hurley
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
Price: $0.99       Buy Now!

A wonderful, classic tale along the lines of Lord of the Rings or The Chronicles of Narnia.

Camilla, age 12, and Ebeny, age 10, are sisters leading a normal, everyday life with their uncle. But one day all of that changes when they are suddenly whisked away to another world.

In this new world, they uncover many secrets and befriend extraordinary-creatures who help them flee from Gorgon, an evil sorcerer who would do anything to destroy them. In the end, will good triumph over evil?


With imaginary creatures aplenty – gallops, sorcerers, runkeys, dragons, becons – who fight for either good or evil, two young girls discover that they are actually elves, the last two elves alive. The Last Two must learn about their true identity, develop their magical talent and warrior skills, and then battle to defeat Gorgon, the evil enemy. In the final battle, they do indeed defeat Gorgon – at least for now.

Elves of Zeoch immerses you in another world, and reveals the strong power that lies in the bond between family and friends.

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