Walking With God

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Walking with GodAuthor(s): Richard Baxter
Publisher: Gideon House Books
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What does walking with God truly mean? What does it look like in the life of an ordinary Christian?

Puritan writer Richard Baxter provides an answer for us that is just as powerful and enlightening in our modern era as it was in the 17th century when he penned his words.

Baxter, who himself was persecuted and spent time in prison for his beliefs, was intimately familiar with the great challenge of walking with God in a tumultuous world and in the midst of a generation that railed against God.

Inscribed at the base of Baxter’s statue in Kidderminster, England are these words: “In a stormy and divided age he advocated unity and comprehension, pointing the way to ‘the eternal.’”

Come learn from this great man of faith who walked with God.


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