God on Display

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god-on-display-our-cure-for-sin-our-anchor-in-sufferingAuthor(s): Matt Norman
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We all find ourselves in times of callousness and stagnant growth throughout our lives. For some of us, the graces of established daily disciplines and community stand ready to draw us out of these times. Yet, for many of us, escaping a calloused, stagnant heart can be illusive. It may be that we never understood what disciplines of grace are supposed to look like. It may be that we suffer intense shame over past abuse or current addiction. There are many other reasons as well. In these situations, it’s helpful to have a safe place to grow.

My primary purpose in this book and the ministry it supplements is to meet you where you are and help lead you to see God as He truly is. This ministry is built on a simple yet profound truth that we fundamentally change as we see God for who He really is. You’re likely approaching this book wondering what you can do to escape the place you’re in. For sure, God commands us to do many things. I want you to realize, however, that God’s power rescuing your sinful heart will first lead you to gaze on Him and delight in Him. And in the trust that gaze develops, you’ll find yourself obeying God joyfully and not under compulsion. When a crowd asked Jesus what they must do to be doing the works of God, He responded, “This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent.” (John 6:28)

The purpose of this book is to lead you to enjoy God deeply and frequently in the middle of common, mundane life. I strongly encourage you to apply the “Action” section of each chapter. My hope is that as you transition out of this season, you will have a grasp of God’s character and what daily disciplines of grace look like. The goal is to hand you off to your community group, where you will be better equipped to grow with others into the full stature of Christ.

May God open all of our eyes more and more to taste His beauty and glory.


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