Why Should I Believe Christianity? (The Big Ten)

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Why Should I Believe Christianity (The Big Ten)Author(s): James Anderson
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
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Some people boldly claim, “Christianity is fine for some, but it isn’t for me”. Others feel it is just outdated and irrelevant. Still others see it as a negative, or even dangerous, influence in the world. For better or worse, everyone in the Western world has come into contact with Christianity: we all have some opinion on it.
James Anderson writes with a clear, humorous logic which, rather than attempting to persuade or force a positive view of Christianity, simply lays out the arguments backing up the beliefs. He explores what Christianity really claims, and shows the underlying reason and consistency behind these claims. By the end of Why Should I Believe Christianity?, while you may not agree with the Christian worldview, it is impossible to be left sitting on the fence.

This is the first installment of The Big Ten: Critical Questions Answered – a Christian apologetics series which addresses ten commonly asked questions about God, the Bible, and Christianity. Each book, while easy to read, is challenging and thought-provoking, dealing with subjects ranging from hell to science.

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