7 Simple Skills™ for Every Woman

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7 Simple Skills™ for Every WomanAuthor(s): Pam Farrel
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
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You’ve got so many hats to wear in life. Peanut butter sandwich-maker, carpooler, worship committee member, daughter, best friend, wife…They’re all good jobs, but what will keep you from becoming overwhelmed and exhausted?

Popular speaker and author Pam Farrel can teach you the seven simple skills that will enable you to stay motivated and energized. This new book will equip you to

set priorities and stick to them

influence those you care about most

find time to care for yourself

focus on your relationship with God

face each day with hope and optimism

God created you to use all of the gifts He’s given you to bring Him glory. Learn the skills that can transform your attitude and bring success in your relationships, work, and walk with God.


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