Revelation – A Concise Study

Author(s): Keng Tiong Ng
Publisher: N/A
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Many Christians consider this book confusing because of the cryptic descriptions and rich symbolism found within its pages. Some are frightened by its message of judgment while others are fascinated with the mystical characters who will appear in the last days. But that is not what Christ intended. He expects us to understand it because we should have studied the entire scope of Scripture so that these symbols, signs, and semantics would all be familiar to us. Sadly many Christians never read or study their Bible diligently so when it comes to understanding this book, they are totally lost. This is the only book in the Bible that has a blessing attached to it. That indicates its importance in God’s eyes. The blessing is for those who not only read and understand but keep the words of this book. We can’t keep what we can’t understand. Therefore, to understand the book, it has to be taken in the context which the writer intended—this is the only way everyone can possibly come to a proper and common understanding. In this age of huge scientific and technological breakthroughs when information travels at the speed of light, we are beginning to see where this rapid progress is taking us and how much of what John had written is starting to make sense. Indeed, the time is at hand.

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