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Life is a smorgasbord of experiences centered around relational ebbs and flows. Relationships are a critical element to help us combat life’s many valleys to climb mountaintops successfully that we face throughout our lives. Relationships shape us, give life brilliant color, provide companionship, and help propel us to new heights.

In this fourth installment of Thinking Loud, Thinking Clearly! series, CrumsOnTheTable explores how vital relationships are when two or more people meet, and God is in their midst. God is everywhere. In our thoughts, conversations, and every direct and indirect interaction we have with each other. We may not see or acknowledge His presence, but He is there.

Dive into the forty-three compelling real-life short stories between the pages that incorporate Biblical scripture to facilitate healthy relationships and a profound closeness with our Creator. These relational narratives will nourish your spirit, inspire dependency on the Lord, and allow readers to witness the life changing power of God’s immutable Word.

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