12 Prayers of Praise: A Collection of Praises to Wing up Your Prayers

Author(s): Chudi Adilieje
Publisher: N/A
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The prayer of praise is a way for us to give honor to God for who he is. So much has been written about the power of praise in the life of a Christian. We are all familiar with praises in the form of songs of praise. Yet one form of praise, where we address God with titles and words that call to mind his boundless power, ineffable majesty, and other divine qualities, also help to transport us to the glorious presence of God.
This book is about this form of praise. The author has pieced together the glimpses of God given to us by his Son Jesus Christ and by the words of the Holy Scriptures generally to make a glorious mosaic. It contains a variety of 12 prayers of praise. Some are short and some are longish. There are praises directed to God the Father and there are also praises directed to our Lord Jesus Christ. The praises are fully annotated with Scriptural references and that gives you an opportunity to explore the themes of the praises further.
It’s a worthy companion to bring to your quiet time and we believe that, like the author, you will find it a great help in prayer. You will get to know the person of the God the Father of our Lord Jesus and his Son more and more. And the more we get to know the God we pray to, the better our prayers and our Christian life.

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