Biblical Creationism

Biblical CreationismAuthor(s): Henry M. Morris
Publisher: Master Books
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In Biblical Creationism, Henry Morris explores all the mentions of creation in the Bible to reveal the incompatibility of theistic evolution and progressive creationism. Many Christians believe “science” has proven evolution and label the biblical account of creation as allegory. With this Bible study resource, Morris exposes the inconsistency of this theory.

– Is the literal interpretation of creation a critical component in living the Christian life?
– Could it be foundational to our understanding of God, Jesus, and Redemption?
– Does creation impact every other doctrine in the Bible?

In this brilliant Bible commentary, Morris courageously contends only one interpretation of creation is possible without creating hopeless contradictions within the Bible and undermining many of its other messages.

Henry Morris, a professional scientist, and Christian apologist, focuses on the biblical facts rather than science in this volume. With uncompromising confidence, he asserts, “the scientific data will correlate with Scripture because the same God who wrote the Word made the world.”

Defending the Bible’s inerrancy requires a thorough knowledge of the creation, the grand beginning of life with God and evidence of His supernaturally powerful spoken Word. Morris invites you and your church to strengthen your faith in this thorough investigation of all God’s Word says about creation. With these insights, you will be equipped to stand firmly against the vain imaginations presented as doctrine by Godless and God-diminishing worldviews. Your steadfast confidence in the Bible can change the eternity of generations!

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