If the e-book covers in the table do not load for you, it is because you have a privacy feature that is blocking them on your end. Don’t worry, this can be corrected!

The reason those images are targeted and not others on the site is because those uniquely are served by a 3rd party.

There are many potential settings or extensions/software that can interfere and cause the block so it will require a little bit of testing.

If this is a new issue, think about what you might have just recently installed that is security or privacy related (such as an extension to your browser, a VPN, or security software). You can try turning that off or lowering the sensitivity settings to see if that resolves the issue.

If you’re not sure where it is coming from, try viewing our site in another browser or on another device (like a desktop instead of your phone or vice versa). If it loads fine in another browser, then you know it is a setting or extension you have installed on your browser. If it is blocked in all browsers but loads on another device then it is a setting that is affecting your whole computer (like software that is running in the background, or a network you are connected to).

In all browsers, under “settings” there is a privacy/security setting. You might want to ensure those haven’t been raised too high.

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