Daily E-Book Deals: March 19, 2017

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Note to Self The Discipline of Preaching to YourselfNote to Self: The Discipline of Preaching to Yourself
Author(s): Joe Thorn
Publisher: Crossway Books
Price: $3.99       (Mar 19-25)
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We need good preaching—preaching that challenges us by God’s Word and brings the comfort that comes from God’s promises. Yet many of us rely solely on others to preach to us and are not benefitting from the kind of preaching that should be most consistent and personal—preaching to ourselves.

Note to Self is a practical introduction to this daily discipline. Pastor Joe Thorn delivers fifty brief, devotional chapters that model preaching the gospel to ourselves and its practical implications. Readers will be challenged by the book’s direct, personal exhortations to apply the law and the gospel to their own lives. Part of the Re:Lit series.

Experiencing the Trinity The Grace of God for the People of God Kindle EditionExperiencing the Trinity: The Grace of God for the People of God
Author(s): Joe Thorn
Publisher: Crossway Books
Price: $3.99       (Mar 19-25)
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What do you do when you’re at the end of your rope?

For Christians, there is only one simple yet profound answer: turn to the triune God. Born out of lessons learned during one of the most spiritually challenging periods of his life, Experiencing the Trinity by pastor Joe Thorn contains 50 down-to-earth meditations on God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Overflowing with scriptural truth, pastoral wisdom, and personal honesty, this book reflects on common experiences of doubt, fear, and temptation—pointing readers to the grace that God provides and the strength that he promises.

Bethany House E-Book Deals

In this grab bag we have 4 e-books from Bethany House. The prices and sale dates that the publisher has provided are under each book cover.

Mar 19-20

Ends Mar 22

Ends Mar 22

Ends Mar 25

The Great Orators of the Reformation EraAuthor(s): Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox, Hugh Latimer, Huldreich Zwingli, Francois Fenélon
Publisher: Gideon House Books
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An absolute goldmine, this book contains a collection of brief biographies of the 17 greatest preachers of the Reformation Era; and includes a sermon written by each of them. Modern readers will be deeply moved and inspired by the words of these humble giants of the faith who were used powerfully by God to breathe new life into the Church and to usher in a whole new age of thought in human history.

Revolution in the ChurchAuthor(s): Michael L. Brown
Publisher: Kirkdale Press
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

Revolution in the Church looks at the need for a spiritual revolution, not only in the church, but ultimately in the world.

In a dynamic and lively writing style, Michael Brown exposes erroneous practices and beliefs popular today, challenging you to make some radical transformations. He explores the biblical pattern of leadership, the meaning of true discipleship, the Jewish roots of our faith, and other issues facing the church today.

With its timely and revealing message, Revolution in the Church will be a welcome corroboration of the revolution already taking place in your church—or a penetrating wake-up call to action.

Praise for Revolution in the Church

Revolution is not ‘rebelution.’ It is birthed in the spirit and through a right heart. It is the same radical call to live as Jesus did. . . . This book is not for contented pew-sitters or self-satisfied leaders, but for humble, hungry hearts who want more of Jesus.
—Ché Ahn, senior pastor, Harvest Rock Church, Pasadena, CA

Lessons on the Way to HeavenAuthor(s): Michael Fechner Jr. & Bob Welch
Publisher: Zondervan
Price: $0.99       (Mar 19-21)
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Mike Fechner had cofounded an urban renewal ministry called H.I.S. BridgeBuilders and sold all he owned to fund it. But at this stage of serving the poor full time, when Mike believed he was doing precisely what God wanted him to do, the unthinkable happened. Mike was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given a year to live.

With his life’s clock now quickly ticking away, in a time of incredible pain and bewilderment, Mike discovered what it meant to truly lose his life for the sake of finding it. Through faith he kept going forward, and encountered a wilder, more adventurous life than he had ever imagined, a life truly given away and truly found.

Lessons on the Way to Heaven is brimming with hope and faith, vision and wisdom. It’s a “last lecture” (Randy Pausch) for anyone who wonders what life is all about, who’s hurting and needs encouragement, or who wants to discover the secret of living a life that is so good it is beyond belief.

Covenant Relationships: A Handbook for Integrity and LoyaltyAuthor(s): Asher Intrater
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
Price: $0.99       (Ends Mar 19)
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Discover the Biblical Blueprint for Building Relationships that Last!

Even though the topic of relationships is very popular, few individuals ever reach the point of building deep, lasting, and meaningful bonds with others. Why do our connections with other people seem to stay superficial and never go beyond the surface-level? Because we’ve drifted away from the Biblical blueprint of what covenant relationships are intended to look like.

In this revised and updated edition of Asher Intrater’s classic, Covenant Relationships, you will receive time-tested practical keys that show you how to build relationships that:

Are spiritually and emotionally fulfilling for everyone involved.
Remain intact and solid, even in the middle of conflict and disagreement.
Reflect the timeless values outlined in Scripture.
Free people to truly be known by and share life with others.
Relationships are the meaning of life! (more…)

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