Passion 2013 – Speakers E-Book Sale

We’re sorry but you missed this offer. It is no longer free or a deal.

Passion 2013 Conference

Enjoying Passion 2013 online or in person? John Piper & Beth Moore, two of the main stage speakers have e-books on sale right now. $2.99-$4.99

CHRISTIAN E-BOOK: John Piper - What Jesus Demands From The World ($3.99)  CHRISTIAN E-BOOK: Beth Moore - Things Pondered ($2.99)

CHRISTIAN E-BOOK: Beth Moore - Praying God's Word: Day By Day ($4.99) CHRISTIAN E-BOOK: Beth Moore - A Heart Like His ($4.99) CHRISTIAN E-BOOK: Beth Moore - Feathers From My Nest ($4.99)

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