A Little Book for New Theologians

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CHRISTIAN E-BOOK: A Little Book for New Theologians: Why and How to Study TheologyAuthor(s): Kelly M. Kapic
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
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Whenever we read, think, hear or say anything about God, we are doing theology. Yet theology isn’t just a matter of what we think. It affects who we are. In the tradition of Helmut Thielicke’s A Little Exercise for Young Theologians, Kelly Kapic offers a concise introduction to the study of theology for newcomers to the field. He highlights the value and importance of theological study and explains its unique nature as a serious discipline. Not only concerned with content and method, Kapic explores the skills, attitudes and spiritual practices needed by those who take up the discipline. This brief, clear and lively primer draws out the relevance of theology for Christian life, worship, mission, witness and more. “Theology is about life,” writes Kapic. “It is not a conversation our souls can afford to avoid.”


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